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NeoGenica BioScience Ltd. is committed to the respect and privacy rights of our clients and any and all visitors to this web site. The company will take all due steps to protect the need for privacy of visitors to this site, and will protect and appropriately manage any information that is collected through the operation of this web site. We will respect, and keep private any identifiable information that you share with us through any correspondences or other internet communications; this includes email addresses, personal names, addresses, and telephone numbers. This privacy policy exists for the benefit of web site users, and is here to explain our privacy policy to you. The privacy policy as followed will endeavor to explain:

 Of Note

This web site is designed as an informational resource only, for residents of the United States, and we will attempt to store personal information only of residents within the United States. We will not attempt to gather or store any personally identifiable information from visitors to the site from outside the US.

Updates to the privacy policy

The internet is a quickly changing and evolving landscape, and due to its transience, NeoGenica BioScience Ltd. may need to update or modify the content and agreements of the privacy policy occasionally. If the content of the privacy policy is changed in any way, the information about any changes will be posted on the privacy policy of this website. NeoGenica BioScience Ltd. aims to be transparent in how and why we collect personal information, and the company will always update the privacy policy as and when any changes are made. You should review the privacy policy often, to check for important updates and changes on the terms of the privacy policy, and your continued usage of the site has you agreeing to the terms of any modified privacy policy procedures.

How we collect and use information

Most of the web site can be accessed without the provision of any personally identifiable information. There may be some access that will be limited to use, unless a user agrees to provide, and then provides, some personal information. If you do not agree to provide this personally identifiable information, there may be some areas of the site, or services offered on the site, that you will be unable to access. The collection of this personally identifiable information is completely voluntary, and is submitted freely by the user, who agrees that they have read and understand the privacy policy and terms of use prior to agreeing to transmit any personally identifiable information.

We will collect this information, and some of the thirds party sites who may be providing marketing support or advertising for the benefit of this company may collect this personally identifiable information from you, if you agree to provide it to us voluntarily. You always have the option to keep your personal information private, and by sending it to us, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of use and the terms of the privacy policy.

You may provide personal information to us via the following means:


Information that you have revealed on web surveys may be used by NeoGenica BioScience Ltd.. This information will include demographic information, such as you zip code, contact information and medical information. This information will be used to contact you with information about products or services that we feel might be of interest or benefit to you, and as well to allow us to improve our web site to better meet the needs of all users and customers.


You may voluntarily submit your personal information if you elect to receive informational newsletters, or other informational services. We will use the personal information that you give us to deliver these informational products to you.


You will need to send us personally identifiable information should you wish to register for access to certain services or information. We may use this personally identifiable information to send you a welcoming email, and additionally, may continue to send you information that we think may be of benefit or interest to you. You may receive information about special offers, web site updates, relevant medical information and updates, and other information in response to the information that you provide to us. The information you provide may also be used by us to modify our web site, products and services, to better meet the needs and wants of users and customers.

The email to a friend option

If you use the available service on the web site to send certain content to a friend, the company may also send that person a welcoming informational email. The information you submit will be stored and used for the purpose of sending that initial welcoming email.

NeoGenica BioScience Ltd. is the sole owner and proprietor of any and all information collected via usage of third website.

About minors

You must be 18 years of age or older to register your personal information with us.  If you are not yet 18 years of age, then you must have a parent or guardian act on your behalf and register for you. Your parent or guardian will then be entirely responsible for the content that is sent to that person, and will decide entirely what content is or is not suitable for the minor to view.

About cookies or Gif files

A cookie is a stored piece of information used on a web site to better serve the repeating user of the web site. The cookie will allow for faster page access, and more personalized content experiences. The cookies collected are not personally identifiable in any way, and will disappear after the user closes their web browser. If the user has placed their internet settings at a level which rejects cookies, they may still be able to access and use all of the information on this site. We may use cookies, and any and all of our third party affiliates may use cookies as well.

Gif files may also be used on this web site. A gif file is a transparent pixilation that is used to help manage advertising. These files allow us to recognize what advertiser has led you to our website, and this information helps us better optimize the web site. Any information collected via a Gif file is completely anonymous, and will not collect any personally identifiable information from you.

About log files

We reserve the right to track user information to this web site. This user information will include the numbers of visitors to disparate areas of the web site, the IP addresses and domain names of internet service providers. This information will be used to help us optimize our website, and increase the performance of the website. This information does not include any personally identifiable information, and is collected only in gross aggregate form.

This information will be used for web site administration and the tracking of movement across the site, as well as to discover and analyze user usage patterns and other demographic based usage profiles. This information may also be shared with our third party affiliate partners, and other agencies associated with NeoGenica BioScience Ltd. or this website.

How we share you information

We reserve the right to use and share the information collected on this site with our affiliates or other third party partners. We may provide your information to a third party to allow for a service that you have requested be completed. For example, if you have requested newsletters or other informational updates, we may share your personal information with other third parties that may have valid and valuable information of interest to you. Your personal information may also be shared with third parties in the efforts to maximize our advertising or marketing operations. If we share your information with any third party we will always require of them to keep all of your personal information in the strictest confidence. If we are compelled to release your personal information by an appropriate law an order organization with valid jurisdiction over the site, then we will do so in the interest in complying with the law. Your personal information will never be sold or in any other way traded for profit to another third party organization. If the company undergoes a merger or other partnership, then your personal information will be shared under the terms of the new merger agreement. Any merger or consolidation company will still be required to abide by the agreed upon terms of the privacy agreement, but will be able to modify the privacy agreement for future usage if they see fit to do so.

Links to other sites

Any links to products or services offered on our site are offered an informational courtesy only. NeoGenica BioScience Ltd. does not endorse any product or service offered on any of these sites, and does not warranty the truthfulness or completeness of any of the information offered at any of these sites. You use these sites entirely at you own discretion and at your awn risk. You will be subject to the independent privacy policies of these sites should you visit them, and any privacy information from the terms of agreement on this site will not necessarily apply to any third party sites. Always read and agree to the privacy policies on any of these third party sits before using any of the products and services on offer at any of these third party sites that may be linked to from this web site.

Security information

NeoGenica BioScience Ltd. will use encryption technology and other internet security technologies in an effort to protect your personal data from un authorized access and use by any third party. These security measures are industry standard. These measures are taken entirely for the protection of your personal information, and are in place for your benefit.

How to change your personal information

You may have access to and alter any party of your personal information at any time. If you want to alter or correct your personal information, as you initially provided to us, you must change your contact information by accessing your account, and changing your information from there. You may also request that no further information or emails be sent to you at any time. Every email sent to you will have an unsubscribe link, that makes it easy to "opt out" of future correspondence if you wish to do so

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